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Born-Digital Design Records

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  • Edited by Samantha Winn

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  • Three modules guide archivists in managing born-digital design records through historical overviews, use cases, practical tool registries, sample workflows, and robust glossaries of terms. This accessible volume applies to archivists in business archives, architectural firms, museums, universities, and government offices. Part of the Trends in Archives Practice series, Born-Digital Design Records consists of:
    • Module 24: Navigating the Technical Landscape of Born-Digital Design Records
      by Kristine Fallon, Aliza Leventhal, and Zach Vowell

      Learn the typical workflows, software, essential tools, data types, common technical challenges, and terminology used in design construction and digital design.
    • Module 25: Emerging Best Practices in the Accession, Preservation, and Emulation of Born-Digital Design Records
      by Jody Thompson, Euan Cochrane, Aliza Leventhal, Laura Schroffel, and Emily Vigor

      Prepare for the accession and long-term preservation of born-digital design records through clear institutional mission statements, collection policies, expectations for access, and proactive donor engagement.
    • Module 26: Case Studies in Born-Digital Design Records
      by Aliza Leventhal, Stefana Breitwieser, Alex Jokinen, Mireille Nappert, and Zach Vowell

      Take inspiration from five archivists who share how they’ve navigated the challenges of appraisal and acquisition, arrangement and description, preservation, and access to born-digital design collections at different institutions.

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    Publisher: Society of American Archivists (2022)
    Paperback: 234 pages
    Product Dimension: 6x9 inches
    Weight: 1.00 pounds
    ISBN: 978-1-945246-87-6

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Praise for Born-Digital Design Records
  • “The technical terminology can seem intimidating, especially to those new to the field, but the authors do a good job in breaking the explanations and examples down into easily digestible parts. I would recommend this title to archivists without any experience with born-digital design records, especially if you will be working with those records in the future.” — Nicole Grady Mountjoy, Journal of Western Archives