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Archival Description of Notated Music

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  • Prepared by the Music Library Association’s

    Working Group for Archival Description

    of Music Materials

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    Archivists must approach description of music somewhat differently: textual, contextual, and musical sources of information may all impact archival description of notated music. Archival Description of Notated Music (ADNM) provides guidance intended for a wide readership and is helpful for experienced archivists with limited knowledge of music, music librarians with limited knowledge of archival practice, archival students, and others with responsibility for archival collections with notated music. It includes discussion of fundamental archival principles as applied to collections with notated music, recommendations for descriptive approaches based on the musical and non-musical content of a collection, a glossary, and an annotated resource list. In addition, included as an appendix are the Guidelines for Archival Description of Notated Music, which provide a standard for archival description of notated music and represent the first subject-specific supplement to Describing Archives: A Content Standard (DACS).

    The Guidelines for Archival Description of Notated Music contained in the book were officially adopted as a standard by the Council of the Society of American Archivists in December 2019, following review by the SAA Standards Committee, its Technical Subcommittee for Describing Archives: A Content Standard, and the general archival community.

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    Publisher: Music Library Association & Society of American Archivists (2020)
    PDF: 168 pages
    Product Dimension: 8.5x11 inches
    ISBN: 978-1-945246-55-5

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