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Exhibits in Archives and Special Collections Libraries (EPUB)

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  • Written by Jessica L. Lacher-Feldman

  • Exhibit development doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming. In this comprehensive resource, longtime special collections exhibits curator Jessica Lacher-Feldman advises archivists at all levels on developing enlightening and entertaining exhibits. She describes each step of the exhibit process, providing straightforward tips on:

    • Developing innovative exhibit ideas
    • Formulating exhibit policies and procedures for your institution
    • Crafting well-written and visually interesting exhibit labels
    • Branding and designing exhibits
    • Promoting exhibits through conventional media, social media, and give-away items

    Also included are case studies that detail exhibits at a variety of institutions, sample documents and forms, a literature review, and a guide to exhibit supplies.

    Learn how to develop exhibits that help you better connect with your audience and advocate for your repository. “Proceed and be bold” with exhibit development, and gratifying, inspiring results will transpire.

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    Publisher: Society of American Archivists (2013)
    ePub: 208 pages
    ISBN: 978-1-945246-18-0

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Exhibits in Archives and Special Collections
  • "Lacher-Feldman has produced a comprehensive and readable manual that will be invaluable to those considering their first exhibition, while containing sufficient Insight and originality to sustain the interest of those with experience in the area."
    Archives and Manuscripts (2015)

    “The book inspires confidence and encourages archivists to step away from comfort zones and reach more people. [Exhibits in Archives and Special Collections Libraries] emerges as a new standard that will be required reading for archivists working on any type of exhibition."
    Metropolitan Archivist (Winter 2014)

    “[Lacher-Feldman’s] guide to exhibits . . . has evolved from hours of research, writing, lecturing, and practical experience in showcasing archival and rare collections. . . . What everyone can benefit from . . . is the helpful discussion of how exhibits come to be (the creative steps and processes) and the formulation of the message to viewers.
    Journal of Western Archives, Volume 5, Issue 1

    "Brimming with photographs and case studies, the examples in this book can support efforts to get buy-in for developing or improving an exhibitions program. The book can also be used by the experienced exhibit developer for its wealth of practical advice and best practices."
    New England Archivist Newsletter (July 2014)

    "Woven throughout are brief and chapter-length case studies contributed by colleagues from other repositories that demonstrate the book’s “how-to” principles in practice. These real-world examples and perspectives from a variety of curators are a valuable addition."
    Journal for the Society of North Carolina Archivists (Spring 2014)

    “[The author’s] enthusiasm shows in the tone of her writing, and she encourages readers to ‘proceed and be bold’ in approaching exhibit work. . . . For those with experience, it serves as a tune-up to get back into good habits and perhaps revisit or establish best practices. For students and those new to exhibit work, it is a core text that makes exhibit development achievable, enjoyable, and less daunting.”
    Archival Issues, Volume 36, Number 1