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Photographs: Archival Care and Management (ePub)

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  • Written by Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler & Diane Vogt-O'Connor with Helena Zinkham, Brett Carnell, Kit Peterson

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  • An essential tool for custodians of photographs in archives, libraries, historical societies, and similar repositories who manage photographic materials. The authoritative guide providing pragmatic techniques for each aspect of managing collections of images, from appraisal and accessioning through arrangement, description, and research use.

    Presented from an archival perspective, the book focuses on systematically working with collections of photographs, regardless of their age, size, condition, or usage levels, and addresses:

    • Archival management of photos,
    • History of photography,
    • Preservation issues and techniques,
    • Interpreting photographs,
    • Legal issues, and
    • Digitizing
    • Using photographs in outreach and educational efforts.

    Superbly illustrated with nearly 300 images, it also includes an extensive bibliography and information on funding sources and professional organizations that have a special focus on photographs. An invaluable resource for every aspect of administering photographic materials.

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    Publisher: Society of American Archivists (2006)
    ePub: 545 pages
    eISBN: 978-1-945246-50-0

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Photographs: Archival Care and Management
  • ". . . chock full of essential information, theoretical insights, useful advice, and creative solutions a must for all keepers and users of photographs, as well as anyone interested in the power of the photograph and the archive."

    —Joan M. Schwartz, Professor, History of Photography, Queens University, Kingston, Canada

    ". . . a superb manual for the preservation of our nations photographic heritage at risk."

    —Debra Hess Norris, Chair and Professor, Art Conservation Department, University of Delaware

    "It provides precise definitions of terms and processes, while covering guidance in dealing with a wide range of scenarios. Can be used both for instruction and for reference."

    —Howard Besser, Director, NYU Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program

    "The care of photographs is a specialist field that has been in need of such a how-to manual for many years. As well as its stated aim, this is a book that should be brought to the attention of many others working in the cultural heritage fields."

    Archives, Journal of the British Records Association (Oct. 2007)

    "Our increasingly visual society has come to value [photographs] for the information they contain. For that reason alone, this book is a necessary addition to the bookshelf of anyone who cares for historical photograph collections, large or small, in libraries, museums, schools, city halls, historical societies, clubs, and other cultural heritage institutions."

    —American Archivist (Fall/Winter 2007)

    "This book is not just for people working in the preservation of images. There are chapters of interest in it for everyone connected with photography, whether they are working in archives, libraries or historical societies; indeed anyone who works with images both old and new."

    —Business Archives: Principles and Practice, Journal of the British Archives Council (May 2008)