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Advocacy and Awareness for Archivists (AFS III, Vol. 3)

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  • Written by Kathleen D. Roe

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  • Archival Fundamentals Series III, Volume 3

    “The perfect entry point for any archivist who wants to defend and convey the value and relevance of your archives.”

    –CHRIS BURNS, Curator of Manuscripts and University Archivist, Silver Special Collections Library University of Vermont

    Advocacy and awareness are essential activities that underpin the work of the archives profession, helping archivists communicate the value and relevance of our work to administrators and the general public. In Advocacy and Awareness for Archivists, Kathleen D. Roe draws on her extensive experience to walk new and experienced archivists through basic principles and practices of advocating for and creating awareness of archives. From building archival advocacy programs to lobbying local and national legislators, Roe encourages archivists to think beyond the “elevator speech” to identify clear paths for relevant engagement. Writing exercises guide archivists in thinking through their advocacy goals and identifying when and to whom their efforts should be targeted. An overview of previous advocacy and awareness efforts demonstrates both productive approaches and cautionary tales that may inform future endeavors.

    A must-have resource for every archivist, Advocacy and Awareness for Archivists will help you adopt an “advocacy frame of mind” and encourage you to do the work that will bring the change you seek.

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    Publisher: Society of American Archivists (2019)
    Paperback: 160 pages
    Product Dimension: 7x10 inches
    Weight: 0.633 pounds
    ISBN: 978-1-945246-16-6

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Advocacy and Awareness for Archivists
  • "This volume reduces complex topics into digestible messages and provides a toolkit that can, and should, be reached for on the bookshelf when beginning to craft any advocacy effort."
    Jessica Bitter, American Archivist

    "Nobody in the society can do the work of advocacy and awareness for archives better than the archivist. Archivists need to develop the skills and knowledge of advocacy and awareness so that they can promote the archives profession to other stakeholders to understand the importance of archives in society."
    Eric Boamah, Archifacts

    "Advocacy and Awareness for Archivists is a primer for how to bring awareness to the archival enterprise and is a title that all archivists should have on their required reading lists. Not only are Roe’s workflows useful for early career professionals as well as seasoned archivists, but her insights also reinforce the many benefits of planning and implementing an advocacy and awareness program. This book can also assist other cultural heritage professionals to define and implement their advocacy and awareness goals."
    Donna J. Baker, History News