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Archival Values: Essays in Honor of Mark A. Greene

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  • Edited by

    Christine Weideman and Mary A. Caldera

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  • ONE BOOK, ONE PROFESSION 2019–20 Selection

    “To be the best, we need to learn from the best. And that’s just what Archival Values offers. Each one of these 23 authors lays bare a simple yet profound fact: that our core commitments need to drive not just what we do, but how we do it. And that matters now more than ever.”

    –CHRISTOPHER J. PROM, Assistant University Archivist and Professor, University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign

    As a practitioner, administrator, teacher, theorist, and leader, Mark A. Greene (1959–2017) was one of the most influential archivists of his generation on US archival theory and practice. He helped shape the modern American archivist identity through the establishment of a core set of values for the profession.

    In this exquisite collection of essays, twenty-three archivists from repositories across the profession examine the values that comprise the Core Values Statement of the Society of American Archivists. For each value, several archivists comment on what the value means to them and how it reflects and impacts archival work. These essays clearly demonstrate how core values empower archivists’ interactions with resource providers, legislators, donors, patrons, and the public. For anyone who wishes to engage in thinking about what archivists do and why, Archival Values is essential reading.

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    Publisher: Society of American Archivists (2019)
    Paperback: 316 pages
    Product Dimension: 6x9 inches
    Weight: 1.194 pounds
    ISBN: 978-1-945246-04-3

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Archival Values
  • "The essays cover the full gamut of values we live and breathe: memory; social responsibility; diversity; accountability; custody; selection; access and use ; preservation; advocacy; and , service and professionalism. Each author adheres faithfully to Greene's values, and there is a sense that the reader knows Mark as a colleague by the last chapter. There is no doubt that the collection of essays adds a wealth of knowledge to the archival and records management sector and can be used as a powerful guide for individuals interested in learning about the value drivers behind the modern archivist."
    Archifacts (Winter 2019)