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Moving Image and Sound Collections for Archivists

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  • Written by Anthony Cocciolo

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  • 2018 Waldo Gifford Leland Award

    This book is for every archivist (or archivist-in-training) who has opened a box or file cabinet or otherwise unearthed some carrier of moving image and sound and has wondered what to do. You may have not recognized the format, you may have not known if it held video or audio, and you may have not known how to describe the item. It's even possible that you did not recognize it as a carrier of moving image and sound. Most archivists encounter and most archives contain some form of moving image and sound material. These can include recordings of events on video, oral histories captured on audiotape, and films created by independent filmmakers. Here's practical guidance on how to preserve and make accessible the moving image and sound record, from the most relevant legacy formats to born-digital formats. Gorgeously designed and illustrated.

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    Publisher: Society of American Archivists (2017)
    Paperback: 224 pages
    Product Dimension: 7x10 inches
    Weight: 1.378 pounds
    ISBN: 978-0-931828-93-5

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Moving Image and Sound Collections for Archivists
  • "Written specifically for archivists who find themselves frustrated by pesky audiovisual recordings that are found in mixed collections, this book is impressively comprehensive, covering everything from accessioning to access, with media-specific guidance. It's essential reading for seasoned archivists and archival students alike."
    Kara Van Malssen, Partner and Senior Consultant, AVPreserve

    "Cocciolo provides valuable interpretations of concepts such as appraisal and description for audiovisual collections, often leavening best practice with a dose of common sense that will be particularly helpful for archivists in environments where resources for description, digitization, and storage are scarce."
    Karen F. Gracy, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Information, Kent State University

    "This book gives concise guidance which supports collections work at a technical level that is sufficient to work with the media without being overwhelming. An important convergence of library and archival science and technological know-how that will help you venture beyond VHS."
    Joshua Ranger, Public Records Office, Video Production Unit, New York Police Department

    "As a starting point for archivists working with the incredible range of moving image and sound materials found in collections today, you could not ask for better. Readers will come away feeling informed and empowered . . . . Cocciolo's book should have a place on the shelves of archivists who want to provide the very best care for their collections, which is to say, every archivist."
    Snowden Becker, Program Manager, Moving Image Archive Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

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