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Putting Descriptive Standards to Work

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  • Edited by Kris Kiesling and Christopher J. Prom; featuring modules by Cory Nimer, Kelcy Shepherd, Katherine M. Wisser, and Aaron Rubinstein 

  • Putting Descriptive Standards to Work is another installment in the series Trends in Archives Practice and consists of the following four modules:

    • Module 17: Implementing DACs: A Guide to the Archival Content Standard
      by Cory L. Nimer

      Leads archivists through the provisions of Describing Archives: A Content Standard (DACS) with the aim of assisting institutions in choosing between available options and creating documentation for local application. Includes extended examples of recording DACS content in EAD3, EAC-CPF, and MARC formats.
    • Module 18: Using EAD3
      by Kelcy Shepherd

      Provides an introduction to Encoded Archival Description Version EAD3, including its benefits and challenges, overall structure, and relationship to other archival standards. Discusses changes in the recent version and offers practical information on implementation.
    • Module 19: Introducing EAC-CPF
      by Katherine Wisser

      Introduces the standard Encoded Archival Context - Corporate Bodies, Persons and Familes (EAC-CPF) and situates it in the wider archival standards landscape.
    • Module 20: Sharing Archival Metadata
      by Aaron Rubinstein

      Explores the potential of data created by archivists and, using approaches and tools for sharing structured data, how it can be shared with researchers in the digital humanities as well as how it can enhance archivists own discovery systems and strategies.

    As Kris Kiesling of the Minnesota Historical Society notes in her superb introduction, "Description is the foundation of archival work. Everything else archivists do — providing research assistance, teaching about archives and their subject matter, mounting exhibitions, developing documentation strategies, and even selecting collections and items for digitization — flows from good descriptive work."

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    Publisher: Society of American Archivists (2017)
    Paperback: 362 pages
    Product Dimension: 6x9 inches
    Weight: 1.045 pounds
    ISBN: 978-0-931828-98-0

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Putting Descriptive Standards to Work
  • ". . . articulate, insightful, and, indeed, user-oriented, asset for archivists in numerous contexts. . . . does a masterful job of affirming how this vital element of archival practice demands both attention to present challenges and consideration of future needs to 'serve society’s perpetual memory.'"
    Archival Issues 39:21 (2018)

    "All four [modules] are appropriate for students learning about the archival profession as the authors successfully make technical concepts digestible for students and archivists less familiar with these areas. Through their documentation of these topics, the authors have made a valuable contribution to archival literature."
    Journal of North Carolina Archivists 15 (2018)

    ". . . a very good introduction to those standards which are dominant in practice today and to contemporary technologies capable of supporting even richer archival description."
    Archifacts (2018)