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Digital Preservation Essentials

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  • Edited by Christopher J. Prom and featuring modules by Erin O'Meara and Kate Stratton

  • The successful archivist needs a grounding in the fundamental concepts of digital preservation, a command of its key terminology and practices, and an ability to build effective programs and practices. Digital Preservation Essentials, part of the series Trends in Archives Practice, includes two modules by Erin O'Meara and Kate Stratton that provide an excellent point of entry.

    • Module 12: Preserving Digital Objects
      Explores concepts of digital preservation in the archival context, focusing on standards and metadata required to make digital objects accessible and understandable over time.
    • Module 13: Digital Preservation Storage
      Provides an introduction to digital storage best practices for long-term preservation, including terminology, hardware, and configurations.

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    Publisher: Society of American Archivists (2016)
    Paperback: 135 pages
    Product Dimension: 6x9 inches
    Weight: 0.418 pounds
    ISBN: 1-931666-95-4

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Digital Preservation Essentials
  • "A reader will come away with a high-level understanding, an ability to communicate key points, and a starting place for further study. In a field overflowing with jargon, few standards, and emerging best practices, these modules are a useful introduction, giving just enough detail needed to understand the concepts."
    Archival Issues 38:2 (2017)

    "Instead of overwhelming a somewhat anxious audience with too many details, the authors instead introduce the essentials along with easy-to-understand strategies for getting to work preserving data. Instead of the doom that permeates some digital preservation writings, Digital Preservation Essentials is hopeful."
    Journal of Western Archives 8:1 (2017)

    "There is no escaping the technical nature of digital preservation and with the support of the glossary and footnotes, the authors have provided a comprehensive introduction to a core aspect of a 21st century archivist's toolkit."
    Archifacts (December 2016)

    ". . . an approachable, practical introduction to digital preservation."
    NEA Newsletter (April 2017)