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How to Manage Processing in Archives and Special Collections

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  • Written by Pamela S. Hackbart-Dean and Elizabeth A. Slomba

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    Every archives strives to have an active, well-planned processing program, but achieving this is no easy task. How to Manage Processing in Archives and Special Collections breaks down what you need to know to establish or revitalize your processing program, delivering effective methods to help you succeed. This resource is packed with information about:

    • Creating a framework for a processing program, including developing processing policies, priorities, and strategies;
    • Managing the day-to-day work of processing assessment techniques;
    • Implementing best practices and standards;
    • Administering a patron-based approach to managing processing;
    • Effectively assessing the demands for descriptions and item-level cataloging to make collections available more swiftly; and
    • Applying standards in the adoption of trends and new concepts in processing and in handling outside demands.

    Whether you manage numerous archivists, operate as one member of a processing team, or are a lone arranger, How to Manage Processing in Archives and Special Collections is your go-to guide for developing and managing a processing program. With an effective processing program in place, your archives will be better positioned to help users find the materials they need.

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    Publisher: Society of American Archivists (2012)
    Paperback: 156 pages
    Product Dimension: 6x9 inches
    Weight: 0.492 pounds
    ISBN: 1-931666-43-1

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How to Manage Processing
  • “This book is at its foundation a ready-reference book for archivists who want to manag[e] processing programs with thoughtful intention . . . Hackbart-Dean and Slomba ably present [strategies] without becoming bogged down in the minutiae of execution. In this regard, the book fills an important spot on the archivist’s bookshelf.”
    Provenance, Volume 31, Issue 1

    “Internationally accessible and good background reading to the issues. . . . The authors have achieved what they set out to do, that is produce a manual describing how to manage processing at both a practical and intellectual level, and they have provided scope for any archivist to make a processing review of their collections within an archive’s or institution’s own constraints.”
    Archives and Records: The Journal of the Archives and Records Association (February 2014)

    "Through the conventional format of a "how to" manual, Hackbart-Dean and Slomba quietly offer the processing manager practical steps in balancing competing demands of processing and access. Their call for flexibility and a patron-driven approach to processing is delivered in an open manner that values individual professional judgment and welcomes further collective discussion."
    College and Research Libraries (May 2013)

    "For lone arrangers and newly promoted managers of processing programs, this handbook is a critical addition to the professional literature in the planning, running, and assessing of a program."
    College and Research Libraries (May 2013)

    "How to Manage Processing in Archives and Special Collections is a good primer for a new archivist or a good reminder for an experienced one seeking new ideas for managing collection processing."
    Archives Issues (2014)

    "With How to Manage Processing in Archives and Special Collections, Pam Hackbart-Dean and Elizabeth Slomba set out to offer archivists a comprehensive, practical toolbox for managing a processing program. Geared towards new professionals, small institutions, and lone arrangers, this publication addresses key components of planning and implementing a successful program."
    Journal of Western Archives, 2013