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College and University Archives: Readings in Theory and Practice

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  • Written by Christopher J. Prom and Ellen D. Swain

  • The 13 essays in this volume offer provocative commentary and analysis in the ways archivists might better document college and university campuses and serve users. Three intertwined themes run throughout the reader: the opportunities and challenges posed by ever-changing technology; the importance of cooperation and collaboration beyond the walls of the archives; and the necessity of a proactive approach in undertaking the academic archival enterprise. As these essays demonstrate, archivists can and must play an active role in documenting the character and history of their institutions by applying their talents to the challenges of this new century.

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    Publisher: Society of American Archivists (2008)
    Paperback: 360 pages
    Product Dimension: 6x9 inches
    Weight: 1.156 pounds
    ISBN: 1-931666-27-X
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College and University Archives
  • "This new collection of essays offers an exceptionally clear, concise and well-organized overview of how certain higher education trends are affecting the archival profession, and how archivists might respond...In all, a first rate contribution to the professional literature."

    College and Research Libraries, May 2009

    "...provides a useful benchmark for the state of college and university archives at the beginning of the twenty-first century by identifying practices and problems. It offers practical advice solidly planted in theory and archival concepts honed over time."

    Journal for the Society of North Carolina Archivists, Winter 2009

    "Provocative and interesting...a stimulating set of readings that archivists in the academic setting, be they fresh out of graduate school or seasoned professionals, would find of value."

    Archivaria, Spring 2010