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When and Where
  • 8/30/2019 9:00 AM CDT
  • 8/30/2019 5:00 PM CDT
  • 7/31/2019 12:00 AM CDT
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
  • Chicago
  • IL
  • Joshua Kitchens

This course covers privacy and confidentiality legal issues specific to archives of digital material. You'll examine the intersection of (and the tension between) privacy/confidentiality, free speech, and freedom to research/write, and focus on how digital records and the digital realm have altered the scene. You’ll look at privacy and confidentiality issues in the context of third-party rights, donors, special situations such as medical and education records, national security legislation, and the overriding impact of the digital world. Through case studies, you will examine specific situations pertinent to the work of archivists.

The focus of the day will be on how to think through and identify options for resolving the most commonly encountered privacy and confidentiality legal issues regarding digital records.

To obtain the A&D certificate, you must take either Copyright Issues for Digital Archives or Privacy and Confidentiality Issues in Digital Archives.

Upon completion of this course you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize and discuss common legal issues relating to privacy and confidentiality issues in general and for digital archives in particular.
  • Interpret these issues from an archivist’s perspective.
  • Realize when ingested records pose possible privacy and confidentiality legal issues.
  • Identify, employ, analyze, and compare the ramifications of a variety of legal steps that you might take to prevent or address one of the legal issues.
  • Communicate and work more effectively with your legal counsel and administration.

Who Should Attend? Archivists and others who need to address privacy and confidentiality legal issues relating to the digital archives of their institutions.

What Should You Know: You should have intermediate to advanced knowledge of archival practices and basic knowledge of general privacy and confidentiality concerns and their effect on archives, including an understanding of how archivists typically address such concerns.

This course builds on others, including Basics of Managing Digital RecordsDigital Records—The Next Step, and Providing Access to Born-Digital Archives.

DAS Core Competency: 

2. Communicate and define terminology, requirements, roles, and responsibilities related to digital archives to a variety of stakeholders.

If you intend to pursue the DAS Certificate, you will need to pass the examination for this course.

A&D Core Competency: 

2. Description: Analyze and describe details about the attributes of a record or collection of records to facilitate identification, management, and understanding of the work.

6. Ethics: Convey transparency of actions taken during arrangement and description and respect privacy, confidentiality, and cultural sensitivity of archival materials.

7. Risk Management: Analyze threats and implement measures to minimize ethical and institutional risks.

If you intend to pursue the A&D Certificate, you will need to pass the examination for this course.

Attendance is limited to 35.


Responses to ""what aspect of the workshop was most valuable to you?"" included:

  • ""Case studies gave good examples of what others have done. Working with Archivematica gave me a good idea of workflow, and skills I should acquire.""
  • ""Software demos and playing - really nice to see and get my hands on, still a bit daunting in terms of overall knowledge required, but starting to feel more approachable.""
  • ""Excellent job making complicated concepts easy to understand. Both teachers were wonderful!"" - Ann Galloway
  • ""Discussion of the relationships between archivist and key partners; demo of Archivematica that showed the various process needed to process electronic records.""