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When and Where
  • 2/23/2023 2:00 PM CST
  • 2/23/2023 3:00 PM CST
  • 2/15/2023 11:45 PM CST
  • Virtual
  • Chris Freeland
  • Jamie Joyce

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Join librarian Chris Freeland & program lead Jamie Joyce for a reintroduction to Internet Archive’s services and projects of use to the preservation community. In addition to longstanding efforts like The Wayback Machine, Archive-It, and book digitization, presenters will cover new services & programs that Internet Archive has started in recent years. New efforts include our work with resource sharing, supporting rapid response archiving projects (Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online), Internet Archive Scholar, and Democracy’s Library, a free and open repository of government research and publications. Presenters will also cover the lawsuit against the Internet Archive for lending books through controlled digital lending (CDL), and what the lawsuit means for all libraries and archives.

Instructors bios:

Chris Freeland

Director of Open Libraries, Internet Archive

Chris is the Director of Open Libraries at the Internet Archive, working in support of the organization's mission to provide "Universal access to all knowledge." Before joining the Internet Archive Chris was an Associate University Librarian at Washington University in St. Louis, managing Washington University Libraries' digital initiatives and related services. He holds an M.S. in Biological Sciences from Eastern Illinois University and an M.S. in Library and Information Science from University of Missouri-Columbia. His research explores the intersections of science and technology in a cultural heritage context, having published and presented on a variety of topics relating to the use of new media and emerging technologies in libraries and museums.

Jamie Joyce

Democracy's Library (US Lead)

Jamie Joyce joins the Internet Archive from The Society Library, a collective intelligence institute she founded which works to develop products and services to help users comprehend complexity in social and political issues. Her goals in leading the strategic development of Democracy's Library include ensuring that the data is curated, and collated in such a way that it will be maximally useful to a variety of stakeholders, keeping in mind the opportunity to potentiate a big data renaissance in political science and public administration. Jamie was a Collective Intelligence Fellow at the Foresight Institute in 2022, and also comes from a background in the field of international sustainable development, where she created protocols for assessing the problem-solving capabilities of international interventions in 20+ countries.

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